Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where to Begin

I grew up a bit different then other kids.  We Moved around allot, I got in allot of fights and was in the news almost everyday with my sports, my writing, singing and just being in the right place at the right time.  As a little kid, it was as though the world already knew me.  I won a literary award, beat out 500 other kids, my sister came second we were on tv and all other northern news venues for the time.  We had a great run, we lived on a dead end street and hosted daily activities.  "What's the plan today?  Bases? hide and seek? Bump? Baseball? Road Hockey? Wanna hit the fort?  Did you see that movie last night?  All was good in the neighbourhood.  Then we moved away.  We moved to habit the Great Lakes, Fresh air, Bigger city a whole new world.  Just before we took off, We guided our little league baseball team from league champs to playoff champions.  It doesn't seem like the biggest feat in the world now, but it's my story and if you were to view the write up in the local paper you may choose to think otherwise.  ******* Farewell Performance Leads to Victory!!.  It took up a full page.  We were STARS.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years 2011

As I write this, I open a new chapter.  After all it is a new year 2011 who would have thought?  Time flies and at this point in time, I'm writing this "blog" lying on my bedroom floor for I have no furniture.  : D It's a long story, but I'm surviving.  Anyway future comes to mind as it most probably should lying down on a floor.   This year is a year to focus on priorities.  What I currently have in mind are building blocks.  Smart Words.  Strong Words.  Happy Words.  Words that empower a Rocky Balboa or summon magic like an Ozzy Osbourne.  * I don;t care I'll always say Ozzy's magic*  lol 


It's late so I'm going to end this short.   But I'm glad to be here and I hope to share my current and future journey with you along with that whole How I am where I am sleeping on the floor : D

Have a good night and God Bless-